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We are all about helping people find jobs and jobs finding people. Through our digital brands, we help build great job search solutions for millions of people every day.


WhatJobs is a search engine specifically for job advertisements. The website operates in 40 different countries in multiple languages. It aggregates jobs from several thousand career and job portals.

Product Features

The WhatJobs search engine, upon request, crawls and indexes live career listings directly from employers websites, recruitment consultancies and job boards.

Depending on the geographical location, each website can list 10 million jobs, such as the USA. This extensive collection of global job ads has allowed the business to produce large data sets to generate media coverage for employment and unemployment alike during the Corona-19 pandemic.

In September 2020, WhatJobs worked with Google for Jobs and launched in 7 developing African countries, Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania, and Uganda, to boost the local jobs market.

In April 2020, WhatJobs announced its support to the British NHS during the outbreak of Corona-19.

In October 2020, WhatJobs raised ₹9,41,041.85 Indian Rupee ($13,000) for homeless women in Bangalore via Aastha Parivaar charity.


WhatNews was launched in January 2021 and was previously known as Cotswold News, a local and well-established source of regional stories covering the Cotswold area of England. After being purchased in 2020 by What Digital Cotswold News was quickly rebranded to cover a broader range of content, specialising in employment, tech and business.

What News Is Important To You?

The slogan “ What News Is Important To You?” was coined because it is our mission to deliver the news we believe is essential to you. WhatNews wants to help our readers enjoy our articles and use what we produce to improve their daily lives and create self-awareness.

WhatNews has, since its inception, been reporting on a range of subjects to highlight the plight of people who are working hard to change their own lives and the lives of others. This can range across many different areas.

Politically, WhatNews has no allegiances and is open to everyone regardless of background, gender, race and location. WhatNews strives to produce the highest standards of reporting and continues to invest in journalism across the globe.


The AdView Publisher Program allows you to make money from your website whilst offering a quality service to your users. We provide you with jobs published on your website and pays up to 50% commission for valid clicks throughs.

There are no caps or upper limits to the amount of traffic you can drive. Our payment policy of 14 days is also the quickest and most reliable job search affiliate program available.


Cientos de empresas revisan nuestros currículums antes de publicar una oferta de empleo. Haz de ti un perfil brillante, demostrando tu talento y tus competencias.

Cientos de empresas revisan nuestros currículums antes de publicar una oferta de empleo. Haz de ti un perfil brillante, demostrando tu talento y tus competencias
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